Franc de Pied



With its beautiful ruby red color, the robe is bright and limpid, wavy reflections undulating between violet-blue and cherry.


The nose reveals lovely notes of flowers and small red berries.


The attack is bold and straightforward. The wine is crisp, juicy, and delicate, tending towards small red berries.
Its slight acidity brings volume and nice depth.

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Sandy to a depth of about 6 m

Vine care

Plots planted with very high density of 10,000 grapevines per hectare. G oblet pruning on stakes.
The plot is tilled by horse due to the high density (planting 1 meter by 1 meter).


Manual harvest in wooden crates, harvest sorting table before vatting using a conveyor belt.
Fermentation in an oval vat at 16°C to 22°C to draw out the most possible aromas and richness. Fermentation finished at a temperature of 24°C.
Vatting for 8 to 10 days.
Depending on the vintage, fermentation of whole clusters is possible.

This cuvée goes perfectly with red meat, tartar, and game.